by Irina Korneyeva

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I first picked up a Camera ​upon graduating highschool at my aunt's photostudio. I was always interested in taking photos and working with clients, especially children. Naturally, after the birth of my daughter I decided to invest in a digital camera, and this is where my journey began.
     I find many of my inspirations just by going on long walks and enjoying the nature. Michigan has blessed us with many beautiful places, parks, fielfs, and lakes. I find it important to capture that beauty. I am currently a senior at Grand Valley State, studying accounting and economics and a stay at home mom. 
    I have since taken online classes, as well as workshops on digital photography through Kendlall College; along with many photosessions from friends and family, I shoot with a Nikon Camera in RAW-Fine format, this gives me the ability to achieve high quality images for my clients. I continue to learn new tricks and acquire new visions. I hope to meet with you soon so that we may tell your story for the many wondeful memories to come!

With Love,

Irina Korneyeva
Vivid Image Photography

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Irina Korneyeva

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